With the east coast only a 90-minute flight away, it has never been easier to have a destination wedding in Bermuda.

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. After all, you’re marrying the person you love. What could be better than that? So planning your wedding should be as easy as falling in love (without breaking the bank).

There are so many beautiful elements to make your wedding day truly memorable, but you may not have the time, and planning a destination wedding can feel a bit overwhelming.

That’s where we come in!

“Bermuda Bride made the whole wedding planning carefree and stress free and we only had to focus on traveling to Bermuda and showing up on the day. Everything went well without any problem and sudden twists. I knew I was in the best hands and did not have to worry for a minute. It was really professionally organised but at the same time the atmosphere was very friendly and peaceful. Best wedding I ever attended!”

Eszter + Antal

“Perfect. Amazing. Fabulous. As we are not from Bermuda, we knew that finding and coordinating vendors would be very difficult, doubly so since we would be on the cruise the week before and unreachable. Our wedding was everything that we imagined it would be. You captured our vision and every vendor that you hired for us was simply the best. Our beach ceremony under the canopy was exactly as we imagined.”

Liz + Jacob

“My wedding was low key and intimate...the perfect beach wedding. My favourite memory from the whole day was walking down the aisle with my brother and walking back with my now husband. As it was my first time traveling to Bermuda, I really knew nothing about the island. Working with Nikki as our wedding planner made everything stress free. She literally took care of everything. At first, I was very nervous about letting go of the planning and letting someone else take over. Looking back now, it was the best thing I did.
I'm so happy we had the pleasure of working with Bermuda Bride. Thank you so much for the wedding of our dreams.”

Tiffany + Rich

“My wedding turned out exactly as my mind's eye saw it. It was a day we'll never forget. Having a wedding planner made it all so much easier. It was better having feet on the ground, especially as our wedding was in a different country. I worried about nothing once Nikki took the lead (as well as the weight off my shoulders).
The communication was excellent, and I loved the selections of the photographer, minister and videographer. Nikki made our wedding a perfect day.”

Lisa + Eric

“Thank you for making our wedding so absolutely wonderful. It was beyond perfect and more special than we ever could have imagined. Because of you, I felt like the world’s most stress-free bride ever. It truly was a pleasure working with you.”

Kristen and Dan

About us, and about Bermuda

Our names are Nikki and Rachel. We both live in Bermuda and take enormous delight in creating beautiful, stress-free weddings. On-time and on budget.

There is no doubt that COVID has changed the world. Let’s be realistic; no one has the answers.

Your wedding plans may have been seriously impacted. Your 2020 wedding may have drifted into 2021 and then, for safety, many have firmly landed in 2022.

You may have no idea what to do, let alone when to do it. Wedding planning now feels more stressful than ever.

We spent the best part of 2020 planning, rescheduling, and canceling wedding plans. Our lives often felt like they’re upside down but we have never given up on the idea of creating the most memorable wedding day. And we did!

Bermuda is one of the safest places to be right now. Our record speaks for itself.

When remembering her wedding, Nikki said: my dad gave me a budget and all the accountability. But I had no idea what was involved in planning a wedding but I knew I needed a dress. My first task was to go dress shopping.

It was only when I returned to the island, I realized that I still had to pay for the wedding. The expenses kept mounting (and the dress could not be returned). It was then I learned about prioritizing, capturing all the details (and creative accounting). Trust me when I say, determine your budget, talk about what truly matters – that’s where you should spend your money. That’s what you’ll notice and that’s what you’ll remember.

We all have different things we’re great at. Seeing your Bermuda Destination Wedding come together beautifully on time and on a budget is my superpower.

My Bermuda Wedding was designed for couples who want to escape from having a big wedding but still wanted an amazing destination wedding experience without the huge cost. And why not?!

From the tiniest of ideas, great things are born. My Bermuda Wedding was conceived in November 2017 as an offshoot from Bermuda Bride which focuses on couples wanting full service planning and the complete experience of a destination wedding weekend.

The best part…the philosophy and service of both companies remains the same.

If you’re planning a Bermuda wedding but don’t want to compromise on the things you love, drop us a note – we’d be thrilled to chat to you about your special day.

Our philosophy

Nikki Begg takes her passion for simple yet elegant designs, her knowledge of local vendors, her obsession for flowers and her practical financial background to deliver breath-taking weddings on time and within budget.

In 2010, Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Magazine recognized Nikki as one of the top 25 Wedding Planners in the world in their first official “A List” of wedding planners alongside international event planners such as Colin Cowie and Mindy Weiss.
In 2016, Bermuda Bride won the coveted Best of Bermuda Award for Wedding Planner.



“I don’t want a knight on a white horse,

I want a weirdo who makes me laugh.”

The Classy People

Our approach

A huge part of successfully planning a destination wedding is working with someone who truly understands what the ‘perfect’ wedding day means to you.

Every wedding is different and each of our services can be tailored. You get to decide on the photographer, location, even what music you’d like played as you walk down the aisle. Together we’ll create something quite magical.

Before you arrive, you’ll receive an invitation to your timeline. There’s even a private section for anything you need us to know (but don’t necessarily want to share). After more than 17 years of planning weddings, very little surprises us and nothing is censored. We got this!

The result? Before you even arrive on the island, you’ll know that everything has been arranged. And with that assurance, you can enjoy every moment.

Sound good?

Our services

You bring to your marriage a wonderful, colourful combination of culture, traditions and backgrounds. The craziness of life and the beautiful journey that has brought you to where you are today… and the desire to be together. Officially.

With the thrill and excitement of getting engaged still fresh, you decide to have a Destination Wedding. You explore different options; the first is where. You decide on Bermuda. Then you debate if you should cruise down or fly here.

The reality sets in – how on earth are you going to pull this off? Is it madness? You don’t live here, you have no idea who to contact, what you need to do, or how to pull it all together. And what’s it all going to cost?

Suddenly all problems and questions feel a little overwhelming. Okay, let’s be honest… a lot overwhelming. Am I right or am I right?!

You decide that the perfect solution is to hire a wedding planner. Sound familiar?

Probably. – That’s what brought you here.

Just as you were very selective about what you were looking for in love, we want you to be very intentional about who you want to plan your wedding.

So why My Bermuda Wedding?

Planning a beautiful wedding isn’t just something we do, planning beautiful weddings is who we are.

We love getting a sneak peek of your dress and suggesting the design of your bouquet. Or getting the nitty gritty low down on those family dynamics so we can minimize any awkward situations.

But the connection we have with you and the time commitment we take in working together means that we do a limited number of weddings each month. Our couples want and deserve our full attention. And to have a little bit of fun while planning. Trust me, we’ve got your back!

But just as you may have kissed a lot of frogs to find the perfect Prince, how do you know if we are the right one? We’d be delighted to set up a time to chat.

The call is perfect for couples who

– know Bermuda is where they want to be married and have a wedding date (sort of) in mind
– have a general idea about their budget (whatever it is)
– are open to different options and ideas

If this sounds like you and you’re ready to start planning your wedding, simply enter your details in the link below. We can’t wait to get started!

Want to learn more about planning your Bermuda destination wedding?

“Love is a partnership of two unique people who bring out the very best in each other, and who know that even though they are wonderful as individuals, they are even better together.”

Barbara Cage

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