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Planning a Destination Wedding – 8 Things You Need To Do

Sounded like a great idea at the time but where on earth do you begin?

Put time aside to start planning your wedding – brides, put on bikini and sarong and your favourite sunglasses, grooms, put on Bermuda Shorts in a crazy colour and a baseball cap then break out the sun screen and Rum Swizzle. Got your wedding planner, pen and paper, lap top charged up? Perfect, it’s time to start planning your Bermuda Destination Wedding.

  • Know that clarity is everything.
  • Establish a budget – very few people know what a wedding costs but they know what they can afford to spend. Put that number front and centre.
  • It’s time to get honest, raw in fact. Decide on what is really important to the two of you for your wedding day. Go wild; there are no crazy answers. Why? Because it is important to you. Come up with as many items as you want but highlight the top three things. Done? Now the framework for your ideal wedding is sorted out, the only shiny object catching your eye should be your engagement ring.
  • On a separate list, write down all the things you need from a wedding planner. Compare both sets of lists. Any overlaps?
  • Now, and only now, should you start looking for a wedding planner. By establishing what you want before you even begin, you’ll readily know when the time comes if they are the right one.
  • Check out websites, make phone calls ask questions. In other words, do your homework. What are you looking for? Refer back to your lists. Are your priorities being met? If not… go onto the next! It will save you an incredible amount of time – promise!
  • Once you’ve found your perfect planner, make time to do the research and be prepared to make the decision you’ll be sent. This need ensures that the wedding planning process remains fun, stress free and everything will be done on time.
  • Be honest. If you are presented with an option you’re not mad about, be clear about what parts you like and what you don’t. And communicate that – It will truly help in narrowing down what you really do want. We’re here to help you plan your day, so help us get it right!
  • Laugh often, love much, be gentle, make decisions. Keep the planning fun. If you are planning your wedding, what tips, tools and tricks worked for you? Let us know in the comments below! If you’d like to find out more about planning your Bermuda Destination Wedding, contact us at hello@mybermudawedding.com

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